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"Bought hurricane protection from Lowcountry for waterside windows and doors on JI over 4 years ago. This is first use and everything works exactly as advertised! We feel secure and the storage and installation is simple and efficient! I HIGHLY recommend this company and I rarely do FACEBOOK! This is our home on JI waiting for storm. We bought one roll top for second story window and metal covers for all first floor doors and windows. No one asked me to post this, but I believe in blessing good business people. I called them yesterday to tell them on the phone and today, I found their Facebook page. Bless you Lowcountry Hurricane Protection and Shutters and I pray we all remain safe as the storm approaches!" --Marie DeLorme Barnette

"Feel a whole lot safer with your panels! Thanks." --Jim Rockwell 

"Thank you Lowcountry Hurricane Protection and Shutters you saved my bedroom windows from the tree that landed on my house." --Martin

"I would like to thank you for the hurricane protection! It was very easy to install with one person. It took maybe 10 minutes to install. (It took me longer to get it down from where we store it..) Worked beautifully!! Thanks!" --Maria Biondo 

"Now that the storm is past, I wanted to thank Lowcountry Hurricane Protection & Shutters. The process went very well particularly the Bahama Shutters! The entire process took me about four hours. The storm panels were easy to install, but was more labor intensive. I can tell you it was a breeze compared to plywood! Lastly, the shutters and Bahama's really deadened the wind really couldn't tell there was a storm occurring. Mary Ann and I agreed that this was one of the best investments we have ever made!!! Thanks again for all your help!" --Jim

"The shutters were incredible!" --Karyl & Doug Doscher