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Let Lowcountry Hurricane Protection & Shutters protect your property!

  • Don't leave your shutters open all year without maintenance only to find that when a hurricane or tropical storm is bearing down on you, the protection you spent good money on could be malfunctioning.
  • If you allow Lowcountry Hurricane Protection & Shutters to maintain your shutters correctly, it will not only make them easier for you to close in the lock position, but it will also significantly extend their life, saving you the cost of having to replace them.
  • On our first trip, we will come out and do a complete inspection of all of the shutters on your property, telling you the condition, type, approximate age and wind code speed your shutters were installed to protect against.
  • Lowcountry Hurricane Protection & Shutters specializes in repairing and maintaining all types and styles of hurricane shutters. Roll down shutters and accordions specifically operate on wheels, bearings and other moving components that must be serviced, if not used regularly. Regardless of the manufacturer or age of shutter, we will promise to make it function right the first time.
  • Let our highly qualified technicians help to keep your shutters' performance at their best. With every service, you will receive an accurate estimate for your repairs and an explanation detailing why the repair is needed. Also ask about our annual or bi-annual service contracts. We will continue to keep your shutters operating their best year after year.