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Questions about our services and products

What is a hurricane shutter?

Hurricane shutters are engineered products that are designed to limit damage to building openings (windows and doors) that may be caused by high winds and flying debris. They may be permanently attached to your home or removable.

Why should I purchase hurricane shutters?

The best reason to purchase hurricane shutters is to protect your loved ones. Having the openings in your home covered by shutters significantly reduces your risk of injury during a storm. It is also great protection for your house itself and the contents inside. A great deal of hurricane-related damage results from the failure of windows and doors. These failures frequently lead to interior wall and roof failures.

How do I choose a hurricane shutter company I can trust?

First, make sure the company is licensed to install hurricane shutters. You should also check the company’s status at the Better Business Bureau. If you still don’t feel comfortable, get online and check the company’s references.

Should I only protect openings facing the water or storm winds?

No. Leaving any openings unprotected during a storm will leave your home very vulnerable. If any opening implodes during a storm (from pressure or debris) it will cause an extreme pressure change inside your house. This pressure will enter the house and the suction will try to remove your roof.

What materials are used in hurricane shutters?

The most common material used in hurricane shutters today is aluminum. Aluminum is used to make most accordions, roll downs, Bahamas, colonials and panels. Some panels, however, are made of either steel, or a polycarbonate or Lexan material.